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Customer Reviews:

Rachel in Queens, NY writes:
"I just want to tell you that I think you are doing an incredibly good thing for many people out there like me who would love to revisit TV past times. Your website is awesome and offers some very good services. Keep up the good work, I appreciate it so much."

Vasilios M. says:
"I enjoyed the Retromercials from the '60s and '70s thus far, and I am also a baby boomer. The 2-hour Commercials on one Tape are a real blast from the past overall, and If you come out with any more in the future, I will certainly look into them. Please keep up the good work and if possible, E-mail me you mailing address. My best to you and the new website."

Richard C. McManus says:
Just want to say keep up the great work with the commercial compilations. The new website definitely looks good!"

Charles S. in NC wrote:
"I have ordered several times from you in the past 2-3 years and I just want to say that the Videomercials are a great return to the golden era of television. I've ordered at least 5 volumes from you and I just love returning to my youth through television and I want to say that I'm not finished, I plan to order several more from you in the near future. Thanks for the memories."

Tiffany Johanson mentioned:
"Hi, I received the package Monday, thanks. The commercials are great. I especially enjoy the ones from the early 70's taken from reels.What a rare find!"

Raymond said:
"I bought 2 DVD's of commercials. They arrived within a week. The quality is good to great. Got to see a lot of old stuff that reminded me of the old days. never thought I'd appreciate commercials until I saw old ones. great Stuff!!"

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Videomercials will show you how to get discs that will restore your memories from the last 5 decades. All you do is pop this disc into your DVD Player then let your mind take you back as you watch the contents on these discs.

Our discs are processed then mailed directly to you within this business week. I Guarantee it !

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Discover a full collection of TV commercials of the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 1990s. TV has always been able to appeal to multiple senses through its combination of text, images, sound and motion.

While the development of effective TV spots require significant planning and the use of experienced, and often expensive, production experts, the value can be significant as well. It is its multi-sensory appeal that allows TV advertising to remain a viable option to reach out to people like you. Thanks to Videomercials!

I will show you how to get discs that will restore your memories from the last 5 decades. All you do is load this disc into your DVD Player then let your mind take you back as you watch the contents on these discs.

I am intrigued by the attitudes, skills and characteristics it takes to achieve both personal and professional success. Moving forward and making consistent progress demands relentless focus. Videomercials is an online outfit for vintage television commercials for 12 years.

I have over 13,640 Classic TV commercials archived on over 60 Volumes of your choice of DVD or Video!

Videomercials will:
Network with you, cheer you up and cheer you on!
Make you laugh or help you maintain perspective!
Help to protect and preserve your attitude!
Help you to get over it when you are down!

I have a collection of old toy commercials that are sure to bring back treasured memories from childhood. Whether the toy was waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning or you got it just because these were the commercials and ads that made you want one. So enjoy!

There are other products for commercials for video games, cereals, candy, restaurants and much more. The old films are so uniquely edited you would think it is a re-broadcast from that time period.

To pick the joyful memories of the past, get updates, very special offers, and featured spotlight offers shop here. You will have anything you order delivered directly to you in less than one week. Do business with us and see you at the top!

Lionel J. from Videomercials

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Customer writes:
"Dear Videomercials. I received your compilations, and I have to say these commercials bring back alot of memories. I especially like the toy commercials, as they were many of the toys I used to play with. I also like the household product commercials from the 70's, such as the laundry and cleaning commercials. I have a large dvd and vhs library with almost every commercial ever made from the 50's through the 80's, and I must say, yours are tops! I especially enjoy the 2 hours on each video. You never know what kind of surprises you'll find in each commercial, especially in the 60 milimeter film ones. Many of the commercials I'd forgotten about. The 70's were my favorite commercial decade, as that's when I really got into commercials. Hard to believe only a few years ago, you couldn't buy videoes or dvd's with classic commercials. But today, they're everywhere. Keep up the fantastic work." Eric Bellavance, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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