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Videomercials has over 13,640 classic TV commercials archived on over *Sixty Volumes* of your choice of DVD or Video. This is incredible because I didn't realize that I had collected (literally) THOUSANDS of old TV ads from as far back in the 1950s, and way into the late 1990s. In the summer of 2001 I had compiled and debuted the Early Eighties Saturday Morning Commercials found on "Volume 1" of my Videomercials Exclusives. It was the very first compilation I had made (and my most popular one.)

Before 2001 no one online was offering official or unofficial releases of '80s and '90s TV commercials in broadcast format. The Videomercials are made in such a way that you'll think you've entered inside of a Time Machine and it took you back to a specific year in the decades of the Videomercials. Watching my commercials in the order that it had originally aired on your television is what my service is about. I want my compilations to be distinct from the others so I edited out the repeated commercials and TV programs... that's it. And as a result I had compilations of commercials that resembled the original TV broadcasts.

Prior to August of 2001 I was just like you, I was on the web searching for old TV commercials from a specific decade, and the compilations that I had found were either badly edited, had unwatchable picture quality, or was just plain boring. Of course I was disappointed, and then I realized no one was going to make a compilation of TV commercials the way most of us wanted to view them... in broadcast format. I've decided to video trade for old television programs with the commercials still intact. It took a lot of time, hard work, and good luck to find these old TV gems... and I did. In February of 2003 we launched this "Videomercials" website as your one stop destination for *REAL* classic television memorabilia, and here you are now. I welcome your business...

Lionel J. @ Videomercials

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