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*Refresh Memories Of The Good Old Days TV Commercials*

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Videomercials is the premier site for vintage television commercials for 12 years. Our service is well-established, reliable, with same-day processing and shipping. I have THOUSANDS of old television commercials archived, and most of the commercials I have cannot be found on the internet. You can only get them here at Videomercials!

The uniqueness of our exclusive memorabilia DVDs is that they were edited to look like the actual broadcasts minus the TV programs that originally aired in these commercials. I have many product commercials for Video Games, Toys, Cereals, Candy, Restaurants, and much more. The way these old films were edited you would think it is a re-broadcast from that time period.

calso mineral water, GIMEL, TET, TZADI
You will find that most of our memento TV commercials DVDs has extra footage such as: Station ID Logos, News Briefs, Super Bowl Commercials, Emergency Broadcast System alerts, Movie Trailer Previews, Station errors, Commercial Bumpers, TV Sign Offs, Please Stand By interruptions, plus more.

There are even local commercials from various cities across the US (mostly from New York City and California.) Some DVDs has old news broadcasts for the nostalgic effect. These are perfect for any 80's Theme Party you may be planning. Itís the closest thing you are going to find with being in a real live time machine. Hereís an opportunity to step into the climax-age of television when it was worth watching.

Here's How It Happened!!

I almost feel like a keeper of the keys to a magical kingdom. But this land, frozen in time, was not easy to create.

After years of research, I've collected over 13,640 classic old films of TV commercials that are now archived on *Sixty-Three Volumes*. They range from the 1950s, all the way into the late 1990s.

Randy from North Carolina writes:
"...This is the best I've seen. I have purchased catalog commercials in the past but they lose your interest after a while. This is just like being there. I have purchased 2 volumes and waiting for the third. I plan to order at least 3 more."

Here is what Nick has to say about 80's Commercials Vol. 4 (DVD)
"...It was much better than I expected it to be! You are sure to love the teasers and surprises that are included. I didn't grow up in the mid 80's, but I really enjoy ads from that era. Of all of them, it seems the funniest are the ones for Newmark Lewis and Roy Rogers chicken nuggets.

I say that Videomercials are totally TUBEular man!" Nick from Westchester, NY...

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Talk about authenticity!!

Before I started this online service there wasn't anyone online that offered official or unofficial releases of the '80s and '90s TV commercials to purchase in broadcast format.

In the summer of 2001, I had compiled and debuted the Early Eighties Saturday Morning Commercials "Volume 1" of my Videomercials Exclusives. It's the first compilation I had made.

I wanted my compilations to be distinct from the others so I edited out the repeated commercials and TV programs, as a result I had a compilation of commercials that resembled the original TV broadcasts.

I've edited the commercials how most of us want to view them, in broadcast format. I've done some research into providing the best quality commercials that I can find, and what you will see are the cream of the crop!

Think how wonderful it would be to watch broadcasts from Network and Independent TV Stations decades ago in this present time. Watching these Videomercials memorabilia discs and tapes will literally bring you back with stunning footage of original broadcasting.

Each of my Videos and DVDs will contain up to 2-hours of sheer viewing enjoyment! Watching the commercials in the order as it had originally aired on your television is the ticket to America's glorious past time.

Are You Ready to Take That Blast to the Past When Television was Worth Watching? (Click Here To View My Selection...)

* You will see 80's "Saturday Morning" TV Broadcasts at it's finest!

* Broadcasts from the major "TV Networks" like: CBS, NBC, and ABC!

* Footage from "Independent TV Stations" from across the country!

Times Were Simpler, Happier Then...

How much is it worth to recover a part of your precious past ... parts of your life that you may lose forever, without these joyful reminders? Youíll be happy to know that you can have each delivered directly to you in less than one week !!

Lionel J. from Videomercials

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