The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing

With both terms affiliated to washing power washing is often interchangeably used with pressure washing. Even if both terms seem to imply the same thought, there is a slight difference between the two. 

We all know that pressure washers are known to help in efficiently cleaning our homes. It is a machine that sprays high-pressure water in order to clean surfaces with a large area may it be mud, dirt, dust or even the hard to eliminate moisture problem which is mold. Through a pressure washer you can ensure that the exterior part of your home remains clean and preserved if cleaned through the use of a pressure washer. It can also be an easy go to if you want your driveway cleaned as well. 

So, if this is what a pressure washer does, then what is the difference between a pressure and a power washer?  

There is one vital difference between the two and that is heat. If we say power washing, the water involved in the cleaning usage is heated, on the other hand, pressure washing uses a non-heated water.  

If you have a more serious problem with grime or perhaps an area that is greasy then a power washer gets the job done better using a water that is heated. Thus, if you want something more heavy duty, you can opt for a power washer instead of a pressure washer. Moreover, power washer is more preferred in surfaces like concrete that is durable enough to counter the force from the sprayed hot water of a power washer.  

If you opt for pressure washing, will you be needing an insurance?  

With businesses that are small scale, it is a wiser idea to get an insurance for the business and this includes insurance for your pressure washer. If ever you are in a budget, you can always decide on the insurance level you are going to get while keeping in mind the risks you are taking with your business and your needs as a business owner.  

While keeping in mind the risk, it is wise as a business owner to choose an insurance that gives you options depending on your business’ size and the coverage your business will need.  

With regards to a small difference between a power washer and a pressure washer, it is always good to note that when it comes to purposes of insurance, both are on the same page.  

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