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TV Broadcasts of CBS and ABC, 70s Commercials, 80s Kids Ads, Early 90s, Newscasts,

The purpose of this site is to provide an awesome service for nostalgic fans who are into classic 70s and 80s television commercials.

We offer the rarest television broadcast commercials available on video tape. These videos are not manufactored tapes made by companies (with their company logos in the videos ) these are compilations that I’ve put together.

There were old tapes I use to have (and some I found online due to tape trading) with the commercials included in the programs.

I transferred all the commercials from the old tapes on to another tape to fill up 2-hours. The names I should have used to describe these tapes are "TV Broadcast Videos" or "TV AirChecks." Volumes 5 & 6 has TV Broadcasts of CBS and ABC aired in 1978-79. It will be impossible to get these commercially.

You will get extras with Broadcast tapes like newsbriefs, station jingles, sign-offs, PSAs (Public Service Announcements), EBS alerts (Emergency Broadcast System), broadcast errors the stations made, what’s coming up next, Brought to you Bys, movie preview commercials, inspirational messages, station logos, etc.

The picture quality on the commercials varies from GOOD to EXCELLENT. These are not programs so they are extremely hard to find.

These broadcasts are so rare that those companies can only put together the must popular ones which is currently over played on TV Land and on manufactored videos.

The companies who make these videos does a great job at it but they are selling the same popular 70s commercials over and over. "Commercials" alone isn’t enough to bring back fond memories of the past.

Folks like to see the original broadcasts of these commercials including the extras I’ve mentioned. I personally find those manufactored commercial tapes to be boring because it lacks the extras. Broadcast commercials are like Time Capsules on video, we have a better view of how things were in those days than television programs.

70’s & 80’s Culture really JUMP out at you with the fashion and music in the commercials. My favorite decade is the 80’s as the ads became more interesting and creative with the new upgraded television technology. Boy do I love those "Bubble Yum" commercials back in the mid-80’s with those strange computer animations. However, some 80’s commercials would try to mimic the 60’s style mainly because those 80s ads were being produced by people who grew up in the 60’s and were fans of it. A good example is those "Hi-C" fruit drink ads in the mid-80’s which is found on Volume 2.

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