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Videomercials - The way these videos was produced you’ll think it’s a re-broadcast from the past.

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Old Broadcast Commercials New York City New Jersey Area, Late 80s Commercials, 70s,

Being from Brooklyn, NY I grew up watching alot of NYC television in the 80’s. What I have enjoyed most was the series of Public Service Announcements they’d air on mostly the independant TV stations like WNEW/WNYW and WPIX.

I remember getting up early in the morning around 4am to discover some really scary PSAs. The really creepy ones didn’t happen until 1987 when cocaine ads from different organizations would urge people to stay away from drugs.

Gosh, I remember when certain PSAs would suddenly pop up during a commercial break for a sitcom or cartoon I would change the channel, especially that "Cocaine the Big Lie" ads with the man spinning around the room in circles then disappears.

Now that I am older and I’m no longer afraid of them... I seem to desire to see them again to figure out why I was so creeped out by them.

My mission is still to collect such PSAs and compile them onto DVD and VHS. This website is a public service in helping to reunite folks with these TV commercials. I am dedicated to acquiring these gems and preserve them for others. This is why if you have tapes with lots of commercials in decent quality I might be interested in a trade. You are not only helping me expand my collection, but you are helping others searching for specific ads that are impossible to find and you may have it.

Right now I am interested in trading for late 80’s commercials from the New York City or New Jersey area, so if you have these don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

I personally enjoy these gems because it’s just pure entertainment. We hope you will enjoy these DVDs as much as we do and I welcome your business.

Kind Regards, Phillip J

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