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McDonalds Commercials Video, 80s & 90s Kids, Video Game, Christmas, Regular ads,

There are over 200 commercials per 2-hour DVD or VHS (some ads are shorter than 30-seconds.) The list below is a brief summary of the commercials available per video.

Just a little note to help you on making a decision on which volume to get. Don’t worry if these videos doesn’t have the particular commercial you are searching for, because I’ve been getting e-mails asking for particular commercials that I either don’t have or can’t remember which Volume it is on.

I’ve only included the summaries on each volume to give you an idea of which video would better suit you.

Many companies never mention what commercial is on the video, they just mention the decade of where the commercials reside in.

Never base your decision on the summaries I have listed, because every video is completely different from the other.

Remember that these are "Television Air Check Broadcasts" and they are not your average video of TV commercials that others are offering. I have left in all the extra goodies to make it look like the actual broadcast and not just a video of regular commercials. They are the exact same commercials that aired in the time frame listed on these pages. So make your decision based on the years of the commercials and not the actual ads, you will appreciate them better this way.

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