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I have THOUSANDS of television commercials available to be watched by you privately; most of the commercials we have cannot be found online for download and are not exposed to the internet. (Now offering 6 months of zero payments and no interest on orders over $99, when you choose the PayPal option. See the "Deals & Specials" page for more details.) The uniqueness of our exclusive DVDs is that they were edited to look like the actual broadcasts, minus the TV programs that originally aired in these commercials.

I have many product commercials for Video Games, Toys, Cereals, Candy, Restaurants, and much more. The way these DVDs were edited you would think it is a re-broadcast from that time period. You will find that most of our DVDs has extra footages such as: Station ID Logos, News Briefs, Super Bowl Commercials, Emergency Broadcast System alerts, Brought to you Bys, Movie Trailer Previews, Station errors, Commercial Bumpers, TV Sign Offs, Please Stand Bys, plus more. There are even local commercials from various cities across the US (mostly from New York City and California.) Some videos has brief news footages on them for the nostalgic effect. Itís the closest thing youíre gonna find to a real live time machine.

Itís just like Iíve captured the past and brought it into your home. Hereís an opportunity to step into the climax-age of television when it was at it's best. Place your order today, it's fast and easy. Absolutely! Accomplish a purchase of DVDs... Today!! Achieve the benefit of my DVDs instantly!!

What an experience to be connected to all those great years again when ever you are in the mood for a retro rejuvenation. It's as if you had stepped inside of a Time Machine and it took you back to a specific year, and watching the commercials in the same order as it had originally aired on your television. This ticket to america's glorious past times is a must have, and will make a great gift!

Lionel @ Videomercials

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