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Here are some audio files of vintage TV commercials... all of them are in WAV format, just click to listen. This is "Page 2" of Sounds @ Videomercials.

(Added in January 2008)

Marijuana PSA "High Surgeons" (1989-1991)
Cocaine PSA (Mid-80s)
Anti-Drug PSA "Diving Board" (1989-1991)
Anti-Drug "Who are your friends?" (1989-1991)
Don't Drink & Drive (Mid-80s)
3 Musketeers Bar (1978)
Burger/Hotdog Restaurant (1978)
Dancerella Doll (1978)
BBB Meal Balancing PSA (1978)
Froot Loops cereal (1978)
Barbie Cottage (1978)
Smurf Berry Crunch cereal (1983)
Kellogg's Pop Tarts (1983)
He-Man Playset (1984)
Keebler's Tater Skin Chips (1984)
Calippo icy treats (1986)
NBC Saturday Morning Bumper (1986)
Ghostbusters cereal (1986)
McDonald's Happy Meal (1986)
Circus Fun cereal (1986)
Hi*C Fruit Drinks (1986)
Slip N' Slide water game (1986)
Robot Radio Watches (1986)
Transformers Action Figures (1986)
ThunderCats Action Figures (1986)

She-Ra's Crystal Castle (1986)
Maple Town playset (1987)
Nestle's Crunch Ice Cream Bars (1987)
Kool-Aid Koolers Drinks featuring "The Jets" (1987)
Kool-Aid (1987)
Talking Mickey Mouse (1987)
Don't Do Drugs PSA featuring "The Jets" (1987)
McGruff PSA (1987)
Fruit Slush icy treats (1987)
Smurfs Weekday Promo Debut (1987)
Froot Loops cereal w/ Jogging Hippo (1987)
CBS Saturday Morning Line-up Promo (1987)

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(Added in February 2008)

Sega Genesis (1993)
Polly Pocket (1996)
Duncan Hines frosting (1996)
Cartoon Network promo (1995)
Cartoon Network's High Noon Toons line-up (1995)
Connect Four game (1995)
Froot Loops cereal w/ Vampire Bat (1994)
Winter Fresh gum (1995)
Coochie Coo Baby Doll (1996)
Conan the Adventurer figures (1995)
WWF Wresting figures part 1 (1990)
WWF Wrestling figures part 2 (1990)
WWF Wrestling figures part 3 (1990)
Nestle's Quik w/ The Witch stealing chocolate (1992)
Skip It (1992)
Barbie's Power Wheels mobile (1995)
Smokey Bear PSA (1994)
Barbie's Locket (1994)

Bumble Ball toy (1992)
Nickelodeon's Solar Gak (1995)
Marijuana PSA (1990)
CBS Saturday Morning Bumpers (1988)
Crocodile Mile Water Slide (1988)
Barbie's Skipper Doll (1988)
McGruff Anti-Drug PSA (1987)

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